About our Martial Arts Program

Our martial program is designed with a unique approach to athlete development. We have 3 program levels from Pulse Start, Pulse Combat, and Pulse Performance which all have a different focus and outcome for the athlete. It is through this structure and philosophy of training that we are able to consistently outrank other students and schools at tournaments.

All of our Masters and Instructors have a strong martial arts background with many accolades and certifications. Our professional team of instructors will ensure that every student will have an enjoyable time at our studios and will want to come back time and time again!

We are proud to offer month-to-month memberships for all of our programs. Our members can confidently choose our program without the worry of a long-term commitment, and it ensures that our team is consistently providing the best product and customer service so that our members will continue to stay with us.


Pulse Start

The Pulse Start Program is a curriculum designed to provide students with the fundamental forms and techniques to earn their black belt and beyond. The forms are based on the World Taekwondo Association’s regulations and standards. Black belts are registered and certified by the Kukkiwon World Headquarters in Seoul, Korea where they are joined in a database of all recognized black belts across the globe.

We structure our teaching methods to develop children starting from as early as age 4, to possess strong technical skills so that they may excel at every belt rank. Our proven methods have developed World Champions and have consistently earned our students top ranks at local and international tournaments.

Pulse Start also introduces dynamic footwork and kicking drills which are the fundamentals of sparring and full contact competition. Students typically spring board into the Pulse Combat or Pulse Performance programs to further enrich their skills and abilities.


Pulse Combat

The Pulse Combat Program was created for those who are eager to compete and to apply the taekwondo skills learned for sport and self-defense. Our teaching and training methods were created by national champions and competitive coaches. Our program has proven to develop athletes who consistently place highly in competition and our reputation is recognized Worldwide.

Students who engage in sparring develop stronger mental focus and attitude as well has achieve a higher level of athleticism. Proficiency in sparring gives the taekwondo athlete a strong set of self-defense skills that can be useful outside of sport.

Our sparring program is among the best in the nation with clear training paths that lead to national and world championships.


Pulse Performance

The Pulse Performance martial arts program is the most elite level program that is what the Pulse brand is most famous for. Combining elements in gymnastics, karate, taekwondo, weapons, and musicality, we have developed an 8 level curriculum that is designed to take the martial arts athlete to their maximum potential.

In conjunction with HYPER, the program offers a solid foundation to build performance martial artists that excel in competition and also opens up a career in both theater,  print, film or television.