Your physical fitness and physical appearance has a great deal of effect on how others see you. Other men will psychologically feel that you are a powerful and confident person even before even speaking with you. For women the effect is the same and on top of that they will even feel a degree of sexual energy coming from you even if that isn’t what you are trying to give out. Being physically fit and exercising regularly should be a regular routine in everyone’s lives anyway for its health benefits.

Problem is most people feel they don’t have enough time to go to the gym or they say feel they are too tired and just tell themselves they’ll go tomorrow and keep putting it off. If you treat working out as a chore and keep putting it off, you will end up like others and continue on a downward spiral and it will be harder to get back into shape than to keep your current fitness level. Treat working out like taking a shower or brushing your teeth, something that you should always do. Not to mention that for many people, when you are in above average shape and you look yourself in the mirror and think you look great, that sense of positive energy and feeling helps in everything you do and makes you a happier person by indirect effect.

Exercise: At the very minimum you should be going to the gym once or twice per week for at least 1 hour per session. If you need help with your training and fitness goals you can ask for advice from others in our forum or hire a personal trainer for a few sessions. The following daily workout routine should be fast and easy enough for anybody regardless of how busy they are.

Simple 5 minute daily exercises

  1. Do 10 slow push ups, 25 sit ups, and 25 squats each morning. Repeat the same in a different order in the evening before you shower and go to bed.
  2. It will only take 5 minutes or less each morning and night but the effect it will have will give you at least a decent level of fitness at the very least.
  3. This should not be a substitute for your regular gym workout sessions.

Good luck and let us know how this routine works for you!