Taekwondo is one of the most popular oriental martial arts in the world. It’s a Korean martial art and it’s also an Olympic sport. Taekwondo is also considered one of the most modern martial arts. What does it mean: the word “Taekwondo”? Korean “Tae” means “doing a kick”, “Kwon” – “the fist”, “do” – the path of truth, covered with holiness and wisdom. Combining all these elements together, we can see that the name taekwondo means “the path of foot and fist”. In many sources, you can read that taekwondo is one of the arts of self-defense without weapons. This is not quite a correct definition.

Firstly, it is not only the art of self-defense. It is also about the attack, although, (of course) the fact is that the attack can be used only for protection and this is one thing the coaches must constantly remind their students. In a sense, taekwondo is a lifestyle. However, taekwondo is not rigid dogma as it’s constantly transforming and developing together with the society of Arts. It has a rich arsenal of techniques taken from the previous styles of the ancient Korean martial arts transformed to suit the modern lifestyle. Overall – this is the speed of modern life, the energy of youth, and the wisdom of antiquity.

Simply put, taekwondo is one of the arts of self-defense without weapons. However, this is not all there is to it. Taekwondo is a scientifically sound way to use your body for the purpose of self-defense. This results in intense physical and mental training to expand the extraordinary range of individual human capabilities. The components of this art include discipline, technique, and spirit, all involved in the development of a sense of justice, fortitude, dedication, and humanism. The spiritual culture distinguishes a true master from the amateur who focuses only on improving the technical aspects of this martial art.

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