My friend Emily Lam is an international award winning graphic designer based in San Francisco who came to visit me over the Christmas Holidays! She is the one who designed the Pulse logo, came up with the brand identity, designed the website, brochures and much more. I have used her for almost 8 years and she has done my logos and branding for all my companies and projects! If you need any work done this year I highly recommend you contact her! @pixelperem #design #branding #corporateidentity


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Looking for a martial arts studio that provides professional taekwondo training to kids in a caring and relaxed atmosphere? Welcome to Pulse Taekwondo Academy, a state-of-the-art taekwondo school for kids located in Woodbridge, Vaughan, Scarborough, and Ajax/Whitby. Established in 2011, Pulse Taekwondo has become a name for high-quality martial arts training at both the recreational and competitive level. Our extensive taekwondo programs include sparring, self-defense, weapons, acrobatics, gymnastics, show choreography classes that promote coordination, creativity, self-expression, and a healthy mind and body. Pulse Taekwondo is the leading taekwondo school in Woodbridge, Vaughan, Scarborough, Ajax, Whitby! AREAS SERVED: Vaughan, Woodbridge, Thornhill, King, Maple, Kleinburg, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby

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