If you can naturally slow down your speech when you speak to others or when delivering a presentation, your effectiveness in the material you are delivering will be higher and the retention by the people receiving will also be greater. Scientifically, those who speak slower are perceived to be smarter.  Usually an individual knows if they speak too fast or not. If you don’t know, simply ask a friend and ask them for their honest opinion about the speed at which you speak normally. You can also tell by recording yourself saying a few lines and pretending to speak to someone and then compare that to conversations in TV dramas or films.

The benefits of speaking slower are quite profound. Let’s say you are a fast talker and you slow down your speech by 20%. You now have 20% more time to think about what you are going to say next, where you want to lead this conversation, and have reduced the amount of things you need to say by 20% in the same given time. This is especially useful during a date when you feel that you are running out of things to say and feel the need to keep finding new things to talk about. Not only will she process what you are saying better, be more interested in what you have to say, your date will even think you are smarter and be less afraid to jump into and keep the conversation going!

Exercise: Search the internet or buy a book with monologues. Practice reading them and recording yourself as you deliver it. Deliver it as if you were telling someone the story and listen to how you sound and the rate at which you speak. You will probably find it uncomfortable listening to yourself, but with practice, you will get used to it. Every now and then when you are speaking with friends or highly engaged in a conversation, take a moment to be conscious of your delivery. If you catch yourself speaking fast, then slowly ease back to a slower speed. Over time you be used to the slower rate of delivery or have at least improved on how you currently speak.