Had a successful meeting with the program directors of the Epilepsy & Obesity clinics at The Sick Kids Hospital. They have described the difficult challenges they face trying to integrate a physical education program involving young kids with extreme epilepsy & obese youths in the city’s 99th percentile. These kids lack self esteem, have limited movement & balance, delayed learning response & attention deficiency, & some have visual field cut limiting the range of their peripheral vision. I assured them I could create a custom martial arts program that will help motivate & instill a mental change in how they view themselves. These kids need to feel that they aren’t neglected by society & that their life is meaningful. Every human is important regardless of their shortcomings. It will be a personal challenge for me to help them feel good about themselves & show them that they can indeed achieve their goals! #taekwondo #motivation #epilepsy #obesity #sickkidsfightback